Sunday, April 11, 2010

What we did this week, surviving the summer of 2010

Can you name some things that are less painful than a full summer in Muscat with a toddler? It's a long list, but lighting myself on fire, and pulling out all my fingernails spring immediately to mind. Thus, I give you how we have made it through this week without a murder or suicide or both occurring in our family.

The highlight of this week were two visits to the houses of friends. Nothing like sharing the chaos. I must share with you what one friend has done as part of her summertime survival plan: She bought her kids a giant trampoline with safety netting around it, and then, wait for it... set the thing up INSIDE her house. This Woman is genius.

First off, let me repeat my advice to go to the Children's museum in Qurm as often as you can stand it. The kid can't get enough of it. Lately, I have my ass handed to me over at the brain puzzles table by Salem the Savant-like Security guy.

Here we See Salem the Savant Security guy looking triumphant after whipping my ass at the random red blocks competition

If you do not yet own a garden cat or four, may I recommend acquiring one ASAP. Ours keep the kid entertained for more than an hour every day. She dresses them up in baby clothes, carries them around in her arms, wrestles them, strokes them and yesterday, painted one purple. We have also died them a rainbow of colors using food coloring and a little water in a sprayer, it's hilarious.
No cat? We have 3 lovely, toddler-proof kittens and 1 purple cat which can be provided to you free of charge!
Email Now! Otheroman at gmail dot com! Please!

We went into Ruwi over the weekend and hit the Designer Knock off store. The kid had a blast wandering through the various back alleys of Darkest Ruwi, and was quite the little attention getter. We bought one of those fresh whole coconut drinks, which she thought was super crazy, and then had a shopping fest at the place that sells fake designer stuff.

I now know why everyone and their sister seems to have Louis Vuttion handbags around here. It's because they are fake. We also scored some excellent factory second winter jackets, giving us hope for a time and place where they might actually be required.

After touring through Ruwi, we went as a Family for Thali, which is a type of Indian meal that features unlimited teeny tiny portions of about a million different Indian Specialties. It's really really really fun and excellent value. a massive lunch for four of us plus two big bottles of water and 4 Pepsi set us back less than 10 rials. A much better value than the champaigne brunch at a local hotel, I'll tell you.
Thali. I could not tell you what a single thing on this plate is, but it was all delicious

Late last week, I took the kid on a long drive to the ODC near the Shangri-la for lunch and a paddle on the beach, followed by a quick shopping excursion at SANA in Wadi Kabir, the greatest temple of discount shopping this side of Walmart. If you have not yet been to SANA, I highly recommend it. 90% of my wardrobe comes from there.

I have typed this entire post while the kid has played in the bathtub. I threw in some food coloring to turn the water blue, and gave her some dirty clothes to "wash". It might not be genius, but it's killed an hour.

How are you guys keeping your sanity intact?


Nusy said...

OMG u should totally tell me where do they sell these fake designer stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Where exactly is this SANA place - the address please, please, please!!!!!

Kristi said...

Spring break has been a nonstop fun filled roller coaster ride of togetherness. Milk spills, poop accidents, painted walls, unplanned hair cuts and a trip to the gym every day. (Bless!) The dress up box has been getting quite a work out, too.

Steve said... you remember the location or name of the Indian restaurant in Ruwi? I could kill for a decent thali.

P.S. Transport in Oman Pt 3 recently posted ( Omani highway code in the pipeline.