Monday, June 21, 2010

Links and Weekly Highlights

Some Random Quickies:

There is an article in The National regarding calls for Omani youths to take up temporary summer jobs. I could write a book on my thoughts regarding Omanization struggles, but part time jobs for students, and a gradual switch to hourly pay instead of salary for lower level jobe would make a good start.

Organica, a popular American blogger of Egyptian extraction, posted a really thoughtful post on how women who chose not to cover their hair are victimized by the same people who get all uppity about places where women are not allowed to cover their hair or faces. It'a an eloquent piece, and I encourage you all to go have a read.

Here is a great way to kill some time, and polish your CPR skills. I want to kiss the genius who thought of this advertising campaign. It is totally NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It is also Not Safe for Super Fundo Nut-Jobs with no sense of Humour. Everybody else, go, and be fascinated by CPR. *tip of the hat to Stone and T3gib for the referral

More from here soon. Have a great Monday.

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