Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thank you Faisal

Children here in Oman are often adorned with gold, both for it's beauty and Evil Eye avoidance properties. We were literally showered with gold when the Princess was born, and I can't wait until she is old enough to really appreciate it.

Faisal, our daughter's God Father is forever spoiling her with little trinkets. Faisal  popped by the other night with a lovely farewell for now gift for the baby, and I want to show it to you guys because it's so pretty.

She Loves It. I Love the idea that kids deserve beautiful things too, and should be adorned and decorated like the truly precious things they are. Thank You Faisal!


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

Awwww mashAllah tabarakallah:)

Anonymous said...

It's so lovely ^-^