Friday, October 1, 2010

The United States Postal Service

People of Oman, prepare to be awed by an amazing US government service: Home Delivery Mail.

This is EXACTLY what home delivery mail service looks like. Really.

Today I received my phone bill, and car insurance card, and I sent my landlord a rent check, using the United States Postal Service. I did not need to trek down to a PO box, or drive out to Hamriya and spend an hour plus 17 rials at DHL, and no one needed a copy of my Iqamma, or my phone number to complete this miraculous transaction.

I Know!!!! You are all like WHAT!?!?! Blasphmey!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!  but wait for it, that's not even the best part.  here is the best part: The mail was delivered and picked up by a really nice man who comes to my house every single day, just to collect my mail, and drop off any mail that anyone has sent me. Seriously. And he knows my name, and the kid's name, and he waves whenever he drives past the house!

You all must be awed at this stage, and wondering how on earth Stone can afford such extravagance, or if perhaps Stone has been appointed a minister, or what sort of insufferable Bureaucracy I had to navigate to  arrange for such a wonderful service?  But, and this is amazing too, everyone in america gets home delivery mail service. It's included in the price of the stamps, or something. Or maybe it's taxpayer funded? Whatever, I digress. It is an awesome service.

OK, this is really the best part: To arrange to get the mail addressed to me delivered, all I had to do was walk up to the mailman, and ask. I told him my name, and Stone's, and he said he would make sure that any mail addressed to us would get left at the house. Our landlord's mail will still be forwarded to their other house.

Awesome, No?


Omani Princess (not Omani LOL) said...

There: LOL. Oh, how I miss mail service. And my cute little mailbox.

Here: Oh, people from NOT OMAN still keep asking me for my address to mail things to me. They are like, well, your work MUST have an address.

I am like, "I'm not going to Mina Al Fahal to get a Christmas card!"

Amarant said...

I've been dreaming for years about this. We definitely need this service.

hnd said...

Puleeeese, can somebody tell me how many Post Offices there are in Muscat? Please tell me there's more than one with PO Boxes?

It's bad enough here in Dubai - 50 minute round trip to collect mail so we leave it to a Friday morning before prayers when the roads are quieter. And then all we get is paper records of emails - and loads of junk mail. And, just like you Omani Princess, we're not prepared to drive miles (kilometres) just for Christmas cards. Bah, humbug!!!

Oh, by the way, we're hoping to be living in Muscat sometime next summer. Guess that the news of our forthcoming residency may be what has encouraged so many other bloggers to move away LOL

Doli said...

Ohh I didnt get it.. Is there no postal delivery in Oman?

Noora.S said...

Oman Postal Services' website:

US Postal Services' website:

Now, off to weep. :-)

Anonymous said...

SO, please don't make me jealous by talking about mail service...

Anonymous said...

Can you PLEASE share more info about it? I've been whining about no mail home delivery in Oman for a very long time. I need to know if there is a fee of some kind or is it just like you said (which I'm doubting, to be honest with you) just inform the mailman??

Please I'm begging. I, too, am sick of driving to the post office every three days. do I have to go to USPS office and ask for this service? or how does it work? I probably need a USPS mailbox, no?
when someone sends me my mail, they should write the USPS mailbox number?

Sorry about all the questions but I'm very confused about this.

Thank you dearly for your help. I breathed a big sigh of relief after reading your post. Now I don't have to worry about finding time in the morning to race to the post office.

Another thought, won't I need a mailbox (or a mail slot) for this at my home?

Montel said...

You make me really nostalgic for the four years I lived in the states I would give anything to leave this place and go back.

Where I can order all kinds of stuff from amazon and other online stores and see it delivered all the way to my doorsteps( I even ordered 3 LCD tvs!). Everything and anything was available on the net. *sigh* good times.