Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We're a little Envelope

Now that we live in America, I can avail myself of the fantastic service known as Google Voice. It's sort of like skype, except it's built into your mobile phone. No Computer or internet connection needed!

Here's the best part: It even comes with a handy dandy voice mail service! That's right! I'm using Voice mail! I can listen to the voice-mails from my phone, or read the interesting transcriptions which Google thoughtfully sends me via SMS. 

Following is the most recent gem of a transcription from this morning. 

Hey baby just calling to say hi. It's about 5 past ten and That's about that really exists. Outside electric cigarette and it'll be less you love you Hope everything's good We're a little envelope bye

I have no idea what Stone was trying to communicate here, but You know what? We ARE a little Envelope! 

In other news: 
  • We have closed on our new house, and the sea freight arrives tomorrow! 
  • To celebrate the occasion, pebbles has come down with the Flu. 
  • I have, in three months in Texas, managed to make ONE friend. It's a start, right? 
More soon. 


hnd said...

Hi there, hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year in Houston.

Guess you're going to be real busy right now with the arrival of all your freight, and especially with Pebbles getting Stone Age flu. Hope it all goes well for your and, in the words of that really old UAE joke ...


All the best for a much better 2011 for you all ... xx

The Restless Quill said...

well, at least he loves you and the envelope included a "We". What if he had said "I am a little envelope"? :) Awaiting pictures of your new house and hope Pebbles is well soon. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe not so bad to make one friend in three months.Some people go through life and never have any real friends.

Suburban said...

I Love you Dad!

jnana said...

I've given you a stylish blog award because I like the way your blog looks like. See here: