Thursday, May 26, 2016

Round Two

So, We're back. 

We got back late last year and have been catching our collective breath, trying to find our place in the newer, larger Muscat that grew up around our house while we were away. It's one thing to come home for a visit a couple times a year, but completely different to move home and readjust to a changed city as a changed person. I would like to think Muscat and I have grown for the better, but only time and hindsight will determine if that is indeed the case. 

Anyway, it's good to be home, and we are all doing OK. None of my children are taking their clothes off for money or selling drugs, so as a parent I feel I am meeting my Key Performance Indicators and am unlikely to get fired anytime soon. Stone is happy in his work, but counting down the last few years before he can retire and do something other than be a nerd all day. The baby has grown into a frighteningly smart child, and I rarely contemplate selling her into an arranged marriage in Saudia anymore, though I have not yet informed her of that. I am surviving here, although it is very weird not to be working. 

Since I have a lot of spare time I joined a craft group, which has been a great way to meet a lot of amazing people, and learn now skills. It has also been an adventure into the depths of expat wife politics and drama, and only a few short months in I already have enough material for a dissertation on unmedicated social and psychological disorders in the ageing western female expat population. If anyone would like to fund or co-author my paper hit me up.

On matters relating to Local Journalism: You might have had to be dead to miss this, but the Times of Oman ran what was probably the single worst piece of English language writing in the history of English language writing. Entitled "Oman's Image of Pacific Grandeur" and authored by Gautam Ghosh - Dastidar, it was thesaurus spaghetti. I'll paste a couple of highlights below, but feel free to go over HERE and read the whole thing in its entirety. 

"A branch of physics and engineering coated as electronics rather microelectronics reached us pretty ahead of our times.

Indebted to informatics we are well-informed today; we are yet to know whether and when we are well-off, though. Anyway, most factual information we proudly take into custody today are but the worst examples of heartlessness against ourselves. They rather cause discomfort to us. They are those intentional but irrational irritations of ours.

Some theories ascertain that the unearthed fossils of Neanderthals were mostly the leftovers of what their ‘comrades in arms’ had in a banquet. This may be prehistoric anyway, but our history says, the survivors of the Andes Mountains (South America) plane crash (1972) ate their dead companions."

I mean, Jesus christ, what is that? By the fact that this was published, and front page, I can only assume that there a company in the Sultanate that is paying this guy actual money to do a job. Maybe he's your boss? 
Not that I am going to win a Pulitzer or anything either, to be fair.    

Anyway, the plan for the blog is what it always was, part personal diary, part highlighting the extraordinarily terrible standards for writing in the Times of Oman, partly public sounding board for unanswerable questions, Diatribes on our ongoing failures at Omanisation, and rants and raves. Whilst my spelling and English has improved immeasurably after five years in the states, my swearing is still problematic. You've been warned. 

This blog will be 10 years old in November, and it has been really interesting for me to go back and read the archives. The insecure 20 something struggling with a new marriage and a new baby has been replaced by a fatter but more self-assured 30 something struggling with marriage and children. I thought about starting a new blog, and wiping the slate clean, but I think that it is more transparent and perhaps more interesting to let the archives stand, warts and all. Should your life be so boring that you choose to peruse the archives, remember that the young person who wrote those words is gone now, replaced by a smarter but more wrinkly adult. Be kind. 

Next week, Would you like some healthy vegetables with extra pesticide? Are you an Entrepreneur or a Parasite? And a review of a very fast Mercedes. 


Inrab70 said...

Finally!! I actually thought you were done with the middle east. Good to hear that you are back and doing well. But better to hear that its kindoff permanent.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Welcome home;)

Nadia said...

Yer back!

Anonymous said...

It would be exciting to co-author on the expat wife material you've got. And , ToO's English..sighs. I blog about it more often than it deserves.