Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Economics, Omanisation, Brain Drain, and a Blog you need to follow

Sorry if it's been a bit quiet around here lately. Local & international politics have put something of a damper on my desire to write, and lets not even talk about their effect on my desire to continue living. Cough (Brexit, ISIS, MSF Hospitals Being Bombed, Oman Arresting Journalists, Donald Trump) Cough... Ahem.. Moving on.

A Real Live Economist Returns to the Omani Blogosphere and Talks About Omanisation!

Back when I first started reading blogs there was a small but vibrant commuinty of English Language Omani Bloggers. What was cool about the community was that it really was something of a community, and over time I came to think of my internet "friends" as real friends. One of my favorite internet friends to bounce ideas off of, was this guy Abdullah who was studying to be (or perhaps already was?) an economist.

Like the rest of us, Abdullah moved on from blogging to twitter, and then eventually lapsed into silence. I suspect his reasons for stepping away were similar to mine, in that the internet is less fun once everybody has the internet, and careers, marraiges and kids get in the way of sitting around late at night typing things for your imagainary internet friends to read and share with thier imaginary internet friends.

But, I have the Best News EVER: Abdullah started blogging about Omani issues again last month! He's doing it now from the USA where he works as a real live Motherfucking* professor of economics. His Latest post, "Understanding the Omani Labor Market" is well worth a read, and I'd reccommend following him on twitter, or subscribing to his blog if you have an interest in Economic policy presented by someone better looking and smarter than me, who swears a lot less.

You can follow Abdullah on Twitter HERE
You can read his whole website HERE
You can listen to an interview with him on a website called EconomicRockStar.Com (yes, for real)  HERE

You might wonder why a guy like this is slaving away as a professor of economics in the USA and not working here in some sort of cabinet level position or heading up a team of Ass-kicking economists at the MONE**. I don't know, but I would fancy a guess that there are a number of compelling microeconomic and sociological reasons for that. Abdullah, an article I would LOVE to see in the future is the impact of Brain-Drain on Oman's economy, and how do we measure the economic impact of the many highly qualified Omanis who go abroad for work, and how the government is or is not incentivising those folks to come home.

*probably not actually fucking your mom...Economists can get way hotter chicks than her these days.

** Is it not the most Ballin' coincidence that the Ministry Of National Economy's Acronym can be shortened to MONE???? 

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