Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This week's serving of Journalistic excellence.

A couple weeks ago the much anticipated OMNY brasserie at the Hormuz Grand Hotel opened to the public. There has been a lot of hype about this place, but the Instagram and other media were pretty short on details as to what it would be like, what it would actually serve, price points, cuisine, etc... Basically, all the things you actually want to know about before you go to a restaurant and part with hard-earned cash.

The wait is over my friends, and I can now report to you a few details aboutOMNY. I can report these details to you because the Hormuz Grand PR team sent out the most exquisitely worded press release in the history of Omani Press releases. Below: the first two paragraphs:

- "A fusion represents the best of the component factors. Two vastly distinct identities come together to generate a product that has the best characteristics of the constituent elements. And such is the story of OMNY Brasserie, at the Hormuz Grand Hotel, Muscat.
An amalgamation of French, Italian and Omani cuisines, set up in a New York style, the OMNY Brasseri offers a unique experience to its diners."

What sort of English is this? The release continues:

- "The conflation of cultures that is reflected in the menu, permeates to the staff as well. For, according to OMNY’s objective, the team is a multicultural mix of members from India, Kenya, South Africa, Malta, France and Romania.
Even the music is a blend of jazz, lounge and ambient tones. The intention is to lend a holistic fusion experience to the guests."

We are not sure if the PR firm was having a laugh playing the thesaurus game and got caught out when Muscat Daily ran the release verbatim, or if the author of the piece is just a pretentious twat. either way, I cut the article out and filed it into my Scrapbook of Journalistic Excellence.

Aficionados of Middle East PR, look no further for this year's nomination for most thesaurus-tastic Press Release. You can read the whole thing in its entirety HERE

Gotta say that seafood tower looks good, though.
Photo supplied with Press Release


Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Or they had something in Arabic and pretty much "google translated it" because that's how articles sound to me when I translate them from Arabic to English with google;).

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