Sunday, February 19, 2017

UAE announces plans to build on Mars, local pundits pee pants laughing.

Just a quickie today guys, I'm' working on a couple of more substantial posts for next week.

I was amused to read that our esteemed neighbours to the north announced that they will build the first city on Mars.

No, I am Not kidding, you can read the article in the Gulf News HERE. The article was Accompanied by the usual Dubai glitter and hyperbole synonymous with UAE PR, and immediately brought to mind a vision of Duabi-type-expats trying to have brunch in spacesuits. Tragically, HE. Nasser Bin Tumoon wasn't quoted in this article, but I'm holding out hope we will hear from him on this matter in the future.

Photo Credit: Dubai Media Office

And honestly, who better to lend expertise and experience to help colonise an uninhabitable place where nobody actually wants to live? This mission was basically created for the UAE! This is also probably great for India, as the construction will likely require lots of Indian engineers and labourers. Expatriate escape opportunities would likely be limited due to the distance between Earth and Mars, and illegal immigration likely wouldn't be an issue for centuries!

The article goes on to state: "The plan showcased during the summit highlighted the expected lifestyle on Mars in terms of transport, power production and providing food, as well as infrastructure works and materials used for the construction of the city."    "Showcased"  & "lifestyle"    That is UAE PR at it's best, guys.

The timeline for completion is 100 years from now, so I don't imagine it's impossible, but I do question if this is the best possible use of the UAE's resources given all else that is happening here on Earth.

Where is Muscat Jet Driver when you need him? 

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